Levi’s And HolyStoked Build India’s First Free Skatepark

Press Release: In March of this year, Levi's®, 2er and India's HolyStoked Collective formed a true collaboration in skateboarding. Together, they gathered a team of skaters, journalists, photographers and filmmakers from USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Sweden and Australia to ascend on Bangalore to build India's first FREE public skateboard park. Skateboarding legends Omar Salazar, Stefan Janoski, Chet Childress and Al Partanen were also joined by European skateboarders Lennie Burmeister, Jan Kliewer and Rob Smith and came in to assist the crew of 34 builders that worked tirelessly for 16 straight days. Together they laid 20 tons of sand, 3 tons of cement, 2,000 meters of steal, and 1 palm tree for good measure, building this beautiful skate park in Bangalore.

HolyStoked aims to empower the community in Bangalore through skateboarding, and Levi's® alongside 2er is humbled by the opportunity to contribute to the growing skateboard community in India. Local skateboarders of Bangalore now have the chance to take full advantage of this FREE public skatepark and be a part of growing their skateboard heritage. Additionally, Levi's® assisted 2er in gathering skateboards from global skate communities in order to supply HolyStoked with enough skateboards to form a skateboard school. These classes also offered English lessons for local children who would otherwise not have access to these resources. "After everyone committed two long weeks of hard work, our goal to bring India’s first free public skatepark was finally done! It was smiles for miles in India today and it felt great to us all. Thanks to all and to the HolyStoked crew for never giving up! It’s all about taking action and doing what’s right! Look how happy skateboarding makes these kids!" said Skateboard Pro, Omar Salazar.

Throughout all phases of construction, from planning to completion, skateboard photographers Jeff Landi and Jonathan Mehring and filmmaker Simon Weyhe were able to capture this great moment for skateboarding in India. Levi's® is introducing a three-part documentary showcasing the construction of the Bangalore Skatepark and the rise of skateboarding in the local communities of India.