LocoX.com Now Carrying Enzo Racing Apparel


LocoX.com will now carry Enzo Racing apparel. The 30-year-old brand, which provides suspension services and parts to the motocross industry, will now be branching out into apparel under the leadership of founder Ross Maeda. LocoX.com will act as the exclusive retailer for Enzo’s new apparel collection.

Here’s the details on the new partnership:

For more than three decades, Enzo Racing has been a leader in motocross suspension services and parts, and has worked with some of the best riders in the sport. Now, Enzo Racing founder and owner, Ross Maeda, along with Brandon Hearn, will be taking the company into a new field: clothing. The Enzo Racing logo has long been one of the more unique logos in the motocross industry. While it will always remain synonymous with superior suspension work, stylistically the Enzo logo lends itself to further use as a designer label that can extend beyond the moto industry.

The opportunity to work with Enzo and Ross Maeda is exciting to LocoX.com for a few reasons: first the branding is cool and fun, second Enzo represents a great dedication to the moto world, and third, by being the exclusive online retailer selling the clothing line, we can make a donation directly to the Rossi Project and help to support a guy that has done so much for so many others."

To purchase your Enzo Racing clothing, be sure to visit www.LocoX.com.

Learn more about Enzo Racing at www.enzoracing.com.

For more on the Rossi Project and to donate directly, visit www.rossiproject.com.