Looking Sideways X Endeavor Snowboards X Vans Collab On Limited Edition Boards

The Looking Sideways “Eyes Mural,” that inspired the limited edition range of Endeavor Snowboards.

Vans, Looking Sideways and Endeavor Snowboards have teamed up on a limited edition set of snowboards made from a unique piece of crowd-sourced artwork created at the Vans Wangl Tangl in March. The “Eyes Mural,” made of hundreds of photos of eyes looking sideways, has been transformed into a range of snowboards that Looking Sideways has been giving away to a few very lucky fans.

The limited edition Vans, Looking Sideways and Endeavor Snowboards set of boards, made from the “Eyes Mural.”

For a more detailed look at the project, check out the video below:

Looking Sideways x Endeavor Snowboards x Vans Collaboration from Looking Sideways on Vimeo.

Visit Looking Sideways’ website for additional photos and information.