LRG Welcomes Rapper Gucci Mane To The Snow Team

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest addition to the LRG crew, Gucci Mane.

Lifted Research Group, better known as LRG, has announced the signing of platinum Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane to the snow team for the upcoming season. Gucci Mane, formally known as Radric Devonte Davis, joins John Jackson, Chris Grenier and Frank April, among others, to make up LRG’s eclectic squad of powder pros.

When asked to comment on the budding relationship, Gucci Mane commented, "Can't nobody F**k with us, #LRGSNOW.”

To mark the occasion, LRG and Gucci Mane are presenting a promotion for dedicated brand enthusiasts that will culminate in a different winner taking home $1,000 worth of LRG gear everyday between November 19-22.

To see a day in the life of the latest addition to the LRG crew, check out Gucci Mane’s welcome vid below:

LRG Presents: Holiday 2012 from LRG on Vimeo.