Madness Erupts At Hollister’s NYC Store On Black Friday

Hollister in SoHo, Photo: NY Post, Gabriella Bass

‘Hide Yo Wives, Hide Yo Kids,’ Black Friday madness erupted more than great deals last week. Across the country, rumors of pepper spray, gun shot wounds, and trampled shoppers revealed some dangers in shopping on Black Friday. ¬†Hollister's NYC SoHo store broke out in a renegade of angry "thugs" when the store-opening hours were misunderstood and a group of "hoodlums" broke inside, according to the NY Post. Around 1:15am, the group "crashed through [Hollister's] doors and treated themselves to a looting spree," according to witnesses in the NY Post article. The initial incident was sparked when shoppers thought the store would open at midnight to feature "hunky, shirtless models million about as part of a touted national campaign," says the NY Post. When the shoppers realized this was not the case, "they ran in and took bundles of clothes,'' said 17-year-old witness, Akeem Bridgeman to the NY Post. "They were throwing things around and throwing clothes on the floor. One kid, he was being really loud and crazy and gathered up all these clothes and ran out of the store and started giving them to his friends. They were really wild."

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