March Correction: The Noboard

Transworld Business erroneously printed in our March issue that Terje Haakonsen was involved in the co-creation of the noboard, the bindingless snowboard. We would like to thank John Gerndt from Burton for setting the record straight on this. Apparently Terje has never even set foot on a noboard, which was actually created by Cholo Burns and Greg Todds, who unfortunately passed away in an avalanche on January 13, 2005.

Greg Todds, co-creator of the noboard.

According to Cholo Burns, "In the beginning, the snow was so deep we couldn’t even find our binding straps, So Geets(Greg Todds) decided to shed them. That was 1998 and he hasn’t used binders since. First boards and prototypes were garage pours of our homemade molds. Once we knew that we wanted to spread the love of noboarding, a company was formed and true professionals were brought on to further the equipment."

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