Five Q’s With Body Glove’s VP Of Sales & Marketing


Kicking off 2012 with a fresh approach to marketing, Body Glove launched a new campaign around its tried and trusted Smoothies™ swimwear collection, which has been a part of the brand’s swim category since its launch at Miami Swim Show in the early 90s. Boasting the slogan “See your world in a whole new color,” the campaign highlights a line of bright, solid swimsuits by telling a story through several quirky ad scenarios—a whole new twist on anything the brand has done in the past, and something that sets them apart from other swim brands marketing solid color lines, according to VP of Sales and Marketing Noah Gellis. Since it hit surf publications and fashion magazines in January, the campaign has been gaining momentum and positive feedback from retailers and consumers alike, says Gellis.

“We'll be adding new colors and new scenarios to the campaign to run throughout next season as well,” he says, mentioning that we should be seeing new creative ads for Smoothies through July 2013.”

The particular colors featured in the ads have been in stores since November, and we checked in with Gellis to find out the reason behind the brand’s different approach to marketing, how sales have been trending, and what we can expect from the Body Glove’s swim category in the near future.

What has been the feedback from consumers and retailers?
Since we've been running the campaign, our Smoothies sales have seen a considerable jump. We've also received a lot of very positive feedback from consumers through our website.

Retailers are really stoked to have new, impactful imagery for their stores and windows. Everyone we've showed it to has been extremely excited and asked to use the imagery in some way or another.

How are sales trending since the launch?
The Smoothies™ collection is always a huge seller for us. It makes up a very large proportion of our women's swimwear sales. Obviously, we picked our best selling colors (except black) to shoot for this campaign (Electric Blue, Fabulush, Wild Berry, Orange Blossom, and Aquadisiac). That being said, a few colors stand out. Fabulush, Wild Berry, and Aquadisiac are flying!

We also had a chance to check out the suits on these lovely models during trade show mania. Here’s a video from the archives:

What was the inspiration behind this campaign, who designed it, and why did the company feel it was a right fit for the product?
Until now, we've never advertised the Smoothies™collection even though it makes up a significant percentage of our Body Glove Women's swimwear sales. Our thought process was: "why advertise a solid colored swimsuit? The consumer can't touch the suit and feel the Smoothies fabric. It will just look like everybody else's solid swimsuits." At one point earlier this season, a marketing and branding agency that we deal with for our other brands, called Brune & Blonde, approached us with the idea. As soon as they were done their presentation, we jumped at the opportunity. We finally had a way to advertise Smoothies™!"

What else can we expect from Body Glove swimwear in the near future?
Right now we're working on our 2013 line. Coincidentally, 2013 marks Body Glove's 60th anniversary. Some interesting things you'll find in that line are an expanded sportswear and cover up offering as well as a 60th anniversary group that will celebrate retro silhouettes from the 1950s and 60s.