Matix Design Director On New Capital Collection

Matix Capital Collection

Matix has launched its new Capital Collection, which features made-and-sourced in the-USA denim, T-shirts, and cut-and-sew pieces that are hand built by American workers in the US. According to Matix Design Director Mike Gomez, the brand created the Capital Collection to draw awareness toward “the vanishing art of American clothing manufacturing” and the quality that goes into products that are still made in the U.S. “It’s surprisingly difficult at this point in time to make stuff in the US,” says Gomez. “There’s just not a lot of factories in existence that can do this work.” Matix put together this video that shows exactly what goes into producing its new line:

Matix VP Brian Dunlap says in addition to using the superior quality of American made textiles, Capital Collection designers went the distance and challenged themselves to source everything, down to the trimming domestically.

“There’s a lot of stuff you see that says Made-In-The-USA,” says Dunlap. “But many of the components that go into these products are actually made overseas. The thing that sets this collection apart is that we’ve gone to great lengths to actually build every trim, every zipper, every item of all the collection’s pieces in the USA.”

In association with the product, Matix produced a video segment highlighting the status of domestic manufacturing and showing the processes and people that still make it happen. Get to know the United States of America’s garment industry, the passion and dedication behind domestic production and why Matix is an advocate for 'American Made’.

The Capital Collection is currently shipping and will be available at retailers globally.