Matix Releases New Skate Footage; Re-welcomes Jesus Fernandez

matix-logo.jpgOFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – Jesus Fernandez has officially been with Matix since January 08' (four and three-quarter months now), we've been compiling footage for your viewing pleasure, so let's re-welcome Jesus to the team! Enjoy his new Matix footage HERE.

Marc Johnson is topping the charts, again. His two covers and interviews in Thrasher and Transworld along with his ad support have made him No. 1 in the Top Five Overall for Transworld Biz Exposure Meter...

Mike-Mo Capaldi ranked #17, Brandon Biebel ranked #29 and Torey Pudwill ranked #46 have also all made the Exposure Meter list, great job scoring pages in all the top mags!