Mervin MFG Wins 2013 TransWorld Business SIA Booth Of The Year

Mervin Founders Mike Olson & Pete Saari

After tallying nearly 12,000 votes, the results are in. The fourth-annual TransWorld Business SIA Booth of The Year goes to Mervin Manufacturing, who claimed over half of 2013’s votes, crushing the competition during the company’s first nomination for Booth of the Year.

“The Mervin SIA booth was designed in-house and hand built at our board building factory in the USA, by snowboarders and NASers with jobs,” stated the Mervin crew. “We applied the same principles of sustainability to build the booth as we do to build our boards. We spent a fraction of what a typical booth costs, and incorporated recycled board scraps, and eco-friendly materials. We appreciate your support, and are honored to be voted as the TransWorld Business SIA Booth of the Year!”

Here’s a look at this year’s Mervin booth:

Take a photo tour of the booth:

This year’s runners up were Technine and 686, who put up a strong fight and rounded out the podium in second and third respectively. Big ups also go out to this year’s other nomineess—Burton, Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate, and Salomon/Bonfire/Nikita.
Each year TransWorld Business editors patrol the SIA Snow Show’s snowboard section, scouring the booths for the standouts that best embody the spirit of the calling— namely, relentlessly striving to innovate and progress in a creative manner that sells more snow sliding fun. The brands that generate the most creative booths are often the ones doing the most to progress the industry through better product, marketing campaigns, and messages that convey not just technical aspects, but the radness of the ride. Using the selection criteria of concept, accessibility, creativity, awesomeness, and product (CACA-P), we collaborate with retailers at the show and select the top picks for the year's best booths, and then open up the voting to the industry to choose which brand did the best job of taking its presentation to the next level at this year's Snow Show.
Mervin joins the pantheon of epic booth builders who have been vaulted to stardom through winning the TransWorld Business Booth Of The Year. Here’s a look back at past winners:

2012: Oakley

2011: Skullcandy

2010: Ride Snowboards