Mizu Partners With Surf Ride



Photo: Tull /#SRmediaTeam

Mizu and Surf Ride Team Up to Help Reduce Single-­‐Use Plastic Water Bottles

Mizu's CEO, Tim Pogue and Surf Ride's CEO, Josh Bernard teamed up by taking the concept of retailing reusable water bottles a huge step forward and announced the first ever in­‐store Mizu Water Bars. The companies partnered in providing the public with free filtered water at both of Surf Ride's retail locations in North County, San Diego. Each store now has a unique, custom-­‐built display that showcases the colorful stainless steel water bottles from brands like Mizu, Nixon, Volcom and Electric, but what makes the display unique is that it has a water filling station, or " Mizu Water Bar" serving free filtered water built right into the display.

"With the new Mizu Water Bar in the stores, our customers can buy a bottle, fill up in the store and head right to the beach", said Josh Bernard of Surf Ride. He added, "Instead of needing to stop by a convenience store to buy bottled water, people can show up at the beach with a cool reusable bottle. Our customers really appreciate the convenience." 

The displays are co-­‐branded with Mizu and the Surf Ride store logos in both stores and are built around pillars that support the upper floor in a creative way to utilize otherwise tough to work with retail space. Subtle messages such as "Protecting Where We Play" and "40 billion single-­‐use plastic bottles end up in oceans and landfills each year" adorn the display, reminding people the good they can do by simply filling up a reusable container. The filling station itself has a hands-­‐free filler that has a digital read-­‐out counter showing how many disposable bottles are eliminated by the use of the station.

Mizu's CEO Tim Pogue said, "We're working with the top retailers and brands in our industry on a global basis to provide easier access to great tasting drinking water at no cost." He went on to say that Mizu is working with each of their licensing partners that currently include Burton, Nixon, Volcom, Electric, CAPiTA and Poler to install similar stations at their corporate headquarters and retail outlets. He said, "We of course believe in having a strong message about the environment, but we believe even more strongly in providing solutions rather than just preaching."

To his point, the Mizu Water Bar was present and serving free-­‐filtered water at recent trade shows including Agenda Long Beach, ISPO in Munich, and SIA in Denver. And the concept makes sense: A reusable bottle isn't going to help you much without the water to go in it.

Tim summed it up by saying, "At Mizu our tag line is 'Protecting Where We Play', but that is just talking the talk – whether its an office, a retail store, an event, a mountain or a beach, we have the capabilities to bring free, filtered drinking water anywhere and when we pair it with our reusable containers, we walk the walk.

About Mizu

Mizu is the Japanese word for water and the company is dedicated to protecting where we play by providing innovative reusable containers that help reduce waste created by single-­‐use bottles and cups. Mizu’s core mission is to provide active people with smart hydration options over single-­‐use containers so that we can go have fun and feel good about it. Mizu partner brands include Nixon, Volcom, Electric, CAPiTA, Poler and Burton. The Mizu family spans the globe and includes action sports industry veterans and professional athletes that are unified by a passion for our sports and a deeply seeded respect for the oceans, mountains and cities we play in. Our adventures inspire us to respect our playground. We call this living a #mizulife. 

About Surf Ride:

Starting as a seedling in the 1970’s by Bill Bernard, Surf Ride has grown from the ground up, sprouting first in Oceanside, and branching out to a second location in Solana Beach. With both store fronts rooted along the Pacific Coast Highway, Surf Ride is committed to providing customers with as many product choices as possible. The hard work has paid off and has led to recognition from Transworld Business as

‘Hard Goods Retailer of the Year’. From Land to the Sea, Surf Ride's vision is to get everyone as stoked on riding the elements as we are. This year, 2014, is our 40th anniversary as a family-­‐owned surf shop. 40 Years of Surf! Still core since ’74  Check out the new Mizu Water Bars at Surf Ride's Solana Beach or Oceanside locations. For more information, visit www.mizulife.com and follow the hash tag #mizulife.