Monument Snowboards: 2013/14 Snowboard Preview

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Questions Answered by Dave Tran aka “The Guy In Charge”

What are the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you've made to your boards?
We keep trying to get stronger and lighter in our boards. Our Memento Mori series is one of the lightest decks in the market. We converted the Memento Mori to be a big mountain powder board – reverse camber, super light, strong, all wood.   We've re-aligned our series to coincide with certain types of riding; instead of being a super stiff big mountain board, the Memento is a super light, fun powder board that requires little effort so you can go and take more pow runs.  We turned the 777 into the all around board, a stiffer, super responsive, regular cambered deck that is geared towards freeriding and some park riding. The Tragedy is also a powder board that was introduced this season.

Instead of trying to force the rider to be a generalist, the riders can pick the type of board they'd like to add to their quiver. We've noticed folks are spending the money to have more than a few boards that's dependent on the mountain conditions.

To what degree are you emphasizing camber shape and core profiles in your lineup?
We aren't emphasizing it as much as everyone else is, our shapes have remained the same and our core profiles have stayed the same.  We have a core profile designs that work and we have several different types of cores material types that affect the flex of the board obviously. We try to keep it simple for the folks out there instead of trying to confuse them into something cool.

Are you cooking up any new materials or construction techniques?
We are working on some new things. The quadruple camber gave us some motion sickness as opposed to stabilizing and cushioning the ride.  On a serious note, we are looking to make a true eco-board.

What themes are you seeing for graphics?
Don't you know who we are? We are Monument Snowboards. That question is silly.