Mountain High Launches New Action Sports Video Service

Southern California’s Mountain High has teamed up with FrostByte Video to provide a new action sports video service this winter. With the help of GPS-enabled armbands and strategically placed video cameras this video service automatically captures footage of guests on the mountain, and then edits their clips to music to create a personalized movie for each individual rider.


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 Mountain High is proud to announce the launch of its new action sports video service provided by FrostByte Video.  Proprietary, patent-pending technology automatically captures guests on the mountain then edits their clips, adds music, and creates a personalized movie that can be shared with friends and family through social media, mobile devices, and email.  Click here to see a sample video 
Says Rick Korfin, CEO of FrostByte Video, “We are very excited to partner with Mountain High, our first area to launch this revolutionary video production system.  It's going to be a huge hit with the resort's customer base providing personalized movies without the editing and downloading required by helmet cams.  We are confident that this partnership will truly be a win-win for both companies.”
Fully Automated Video Solution
Each skier picks up a GPS-enabled armband before they hit the slopes. Strategically placed video cameras then capture them on the runs and in the terrain park.  At the end of their day, the user returns their armband, and the system automatically generates an individual, personalized movie.  To retrieve their movie, customers simply follow the emailed link to the FrostByte Video website where they can view their video, download it, or share it with family and friends.
Says John McColly, Chief Marketing Officer for Mountain High, “Our guests love to capture video in order to share and relive their skiing experiences.  If guests like their helmet cams, they're going to love this new third-person POV service.  FrostByte Video provides our skiers with fantastic new videos that they simply can’t shoot themselves.  These videos also provide Mountain High with a completely new viral marketing tool."
Skiers Love It
Skiers benefit from a system that captures unique and compelling video from locations and perspectives that can't be obtained by helmet cams or handheld cameras.  Plus it allows them to relive and share their memorable resort experiences through social networks.  This automated system is very convenient since it does not take away from the daily enjoyment on the slopes, not to mention the time and effort it saves by not having to edit hours of raw footage.   
Resorts Love It
Ski resorts are always looking for innovative ways to increase two critical metrics: skier visits and yield.  FrostByte Video provides a completely new revenue stream for ski resorts.  This service also drives viral marketing programs via compelling video content which increases the resort’s social awareness.  And the best part is FrostByte Video installs and operates the system at no cost to the ski resort.