Mountain High Receives The 2008 Diversity Leadership Award From Ski Area Management

Photo Jason Anderson
Wrightwood, CA – Mountain High is one of the most ethnically diverse resorts in the county with minorities making up more than half its visits. Located just outside Los Angeles, CA, the area attracts guests of all nationalities and its youthful culture is the glue that binds them together.

Says Lam Huynh from Escondido, "Snowboarding is my sport. Not my parents."

Later this month Ski Area Management (SAM) will be presenting Mountain High with the 2008 Diversity Leadership Award for its outstanding work in this area.

Says Jennifer Rowan, SAM Publisher, "In an industry that is not traditionally multi-ethnic, Mountain High has made a mission of embracing diverse and emerging markets in both its customer base and employees. The resort is a shining example of where mountain sports should, and will be, heading as the demographic landscape of our population changes.”

At Mountain High the stereotypical white male is anything but typical. The diverse cultural makeup is a factor of the region's ethnicity and the work the resort has done generating new participants. Off the mountain there are numerous radio promotions enticing guests of different nationalities to try snow sports, while at the mountain there is signage, food, and amenities that caters to their needs. Mountain High's staff also reflects its commitment to diversity with upper level managers hailing from Germany, China, the Philippines, Peru, and El Salvador. At Mountain High you are never far from someone who speaks your language whether it be Mandarin, Tagalong, or the international language of "snow."

Said John McColly, Director of Marketing, "We are so proud to receive this award. Minorities will become the majority in the next 25 years and reaching out to them is crucial to the growth of our industry."

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