Eidon Presents Musarity: Music, Art, and Charity Tour

eidon-musarityEidon presents MUSARITY: a music and art event to gather food for the hungry.

Eidon brings the first MUSARITY event of 2016 to The Good Bar in Long Beach, CA on Thursday, February 25th. 

Eidon, an emerging surf lifestyle brand, began the series of events in summer of 2015 in order to provide food for those in need around the local community.


The Good Bar

3316 E 7th St. Long Beach, Ca. 90804.


Thursday, Feb 25th @ 9pm


Minimum, 1 Can of food per person to be donated to The LB Rescue Mission

Music by:

  • The Absynth Quartet
  • DJ Justin Reynolds

Art by:

  • Steffan Attardo
  • Mark Nisbet
  • Steve Fawley
  • Ignacio Villanueva

The MUSARITY Tour, the first event of its kind, was inspired into being after Eidon realized that combining several elements of what the brand is all about—music, art, and giving back—could be the best possible way to draw a crowd to local surf shops and gain them more support, while also providing much needed provisions to the surrounding community.

Event patrons are requested to bring a minimum of one can of food as admission to the show. The canned food will be donated to the Long Beach Rescue Mission, who serves over 187,000 meals per year to men, women, and children that are living in a state of despair and hopelessness.

"Its overwhelming how good it feels to be a part of these events." Says Eidon, National Sales Manager – Mike Vavak. "My friends, Blake and Andy opened the Good Bar just two months ago and it feels great to support them in their new business. The Artist are some of the most talented artist in Long Beach and The Absynth Quartet are driving 11 hours from Humboldt to provide live tunes. All of these people came together, not for money but to help someone that is down on their luck. It feels good."

ABOUT EIDON– Live, Travel, Surf
When we created Eidon, we wanted to build not just a brand but a community of people who shared our love of the water and our inexhaustible desire to travel anytime, anyplace.

Inspired by photographers, board shapers, film makers, athletes and artists, our brand seeks, through surfing, to bring together all individuals who love the ocean and are hungry to discover the world.

Live, travel, surf – that's our credo. It's something that we express not only through our products but in everything we do. So whether your destination is a new country, a new coast, or a beach you've known all your life, Eidon will be right there next time you want to get up and go.


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