Neff X Mac Miller Collection

Neff Releases Mac Miller Collection

Press Release:

The Mac Miller Collection includes eight items- three t-shirts, one fleece hoodie, one tank top, two snapbacks and one watch to be released- which all feature a summer tribal-inspired design done by Neff and Most Dope’s Creative Director Jimmy Murton. The collection is to be released today and then three additional times throughout the year.

With the success of Snoop and Deadmau5 collaborations last year, Neff really wanted to add to their already incredible lineup by adding Mac Miller. “Working with artists doesn’t only help grow your band but also allows you to work with some of the most creative people in the world. Expressing creativity through what you wear, at it’s core, is what Neff is all about,” said Shaun Neff, Founder and CEO of Neff Inc. Neff thought long and hard about who inspires their apparel and accessory design, and Mac Miller- his music and his free spirit- was the first to come to mind. With his young, fun energy and creativity, Mac was a perfect fit for Neff.

“Mac has one of the more youthful followings in hip-hop and has such a dope style and persona. I’ve been following him for a long time and am excited to show the world what Mac has brought to the table” stated Shaun Neff.

With Mac’s new album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, releasing on June 18, this was the perfect time to launch the collaboration which includes bright, colorful, crazy tribal-inspired patterns perfect for Summer.  Mac adds “A lot of kids coming to shows already wear Neff. We wanted to champion brands that kids can wear everyday and are accessible. This collection is just that.”