Never Summer Factory Tour

Despite the stormy economic seas, Never Summer's sales have experienced steady growth over the last several years and reports of their decks making shops' best sellers lists have been pouring in. But the recent popularity of Never Summer's boards around the nation is far from something new in Colorado. The company has boasted legions of rabid followers for years in the Rockies and its story begins way back in the early-80's when Tim Canaday began building boards in his Ft. Collins high school wood shop.

Tim began producing boards under the brand name Swift in '85 and kept this running for six years until a friend took he and his brother Tracey to Colorado's Never Summer range where sketchy, but sick rocky terrain took its toll on the boards. Tim and Tracey saw a niche in building bomber boards and launched Never Summer in '91, later adding the P-Tex sidewalls that earned them their reputation for durability – a deserved one as not a single sidewall has cracked since that time. In fact, last year's run of 13,000 boards produced just 30 defects or .2 percent.

Going into its 19th year, Never Summer Snowboards has truly hit its stride. Over the last two decades they've has stayed focused on their niche of high quality, bomb proof, locally built boards, and recently added a wood shop and CNC in house, as well as a graphics department, and can bring boards from the drawing table to the hill in a matter of days. The company has religiously focused on building incremental, sustainable growth and is solidly positioned in a market where agility and scarcity are finally de rigueur.

TransWorld Business recently had a chance to tour the Never Summer factory and the rest of the NS crew and check out what's under the hood of its latest boards. Check out the photos as we walk you through the production line.