New York’s Swain Resort Sold


It looks like New York’s Swain Resort may be able to open its lifts for riders this winter after its current owners found a buyer for the resort.

According to The Buffalo News: Ski and Snowboard Area Management LLC owners Philip Saunders and David Flaum said in April that, because of economic concerns, they would close Swain if they could not find a buyer or reach a "suitable operating agreement" by Aug. 15. The owners of Swain Recreation Center LLC, which runs the Swain Resort, have agreed to lease the troubled property to the operators of Ski Denton in Coudersport, Pa.

Ski Denton owners Scott and Jodi Carts and Shawn and Celeste Schoonover will continue ski operations at Swain, with plans to buy it "as soon as feasibly possible" and then transform it into a four-season family destination, according to a press release announcing the agreement. Ski Denton is 65 miles south of Swain, which is in the town of Grove.

The agreement could save one of the oldest continuously operating ski areas in the state, which has been in business for 62 years but faced certain closure if a sale could not be achieved.

However, the success of the deal does hinge on the state’s willingness to provide tax incentives and other assistance.

In the release, Saunders praised the Ski Denton partners as "a young, industrious, and capable group of experienced ski center owner-operators," but cautioned that the effort to save Swain will only succeed with government help. He noted that the lease plan is only a short-term solution.