Niche Snowboards: 2013/14 Snowboard Preview

Aether $499 & Minx $399

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Questions answered by VP of Sales and Marketing Tim MacKenzie

What are the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you've made to your boards?
Integrating our industry leading eco-responsible construction features into boards with progressive shapes and camber stories so that there is a quiver killing deck for every rider type.  We are always looking for ways to streamline our production and stay ahead of the curve with durability, ride-ability and high-end finishing.

Tim MacKenzie

To what degree are you emphasizing camber shape and core profiles in your lineup?
Niche offers the perfect medium of camber shapes for the 13'-14' season.  From regular camber, to flat (zero camber), to multi camber (reverse camber in between the inserts, camber from the inserts to traditional contact points) we believe that a snowboard is a reflection of the individuals riding style.  You're snowboard shouldn't dictate the kind of riding you do, and Niche Snowboards are designed to perform very well in every riding category.

Are you cooking up any new materials or construction techniques?
 Niche is leading the charge with eco construction. We have shed the heavy and cancer causing lacquers that are standard in the majority of the industry by switching to digitally printed top sheets making our boards noticeably lighter per size. Partnering with Entropy Resins, Niche has implemented a fully bio-derived resin called Snappy Sap giving our boards excellent energy transfer and edge to edge and consistent flex.  Along with substituting fiberglass with basalt fibers, we swapped out carbon fiber for hemps stringers made with Zelfo composites to give each board incredible pop and superior vibration dampening.  All of our boards feature recycled edges, inserts, sidewalls and base material.  Even our wood cores are FSC rated, which means that the strictest social and environmental practices in the area are observed during the harvesting process.  When you purchase a Niche board, you can be sure that you'll be riding the most eco-friendly and fun deck on the market!

What themes are you seeing for graphics?
At Niche, we have been huge proprietors of offering simple and timeless designs on our top sheet and base graphics.  Each board features a die-cut base with the Niche name and symbol in contrast coloring.  This coincides with the monochromatic color ways on the top graphic.   We love the art of side-stance legend Michael Seiben, and have commissioned graphics for our boards, the Theme and Aether every season since we started in 2009, and this continues in the line for the 2013-14 production.  Everything else you see from Niche has been masterminded and designed by our creative director, Ana Van Pelt, featuring texture and inspiration from fine art and combinations of futuristic, vintage, edgy but romantic influences.