Nicolas Müller and Austin Smith Sign With Nike

nicolas mullerNike announced today that Nicolas Müller has signed on to its boots and outerwear program and Austin Smith, who signed on to the boot program in ’08, will now be rocking Nike outerwear.

Müller, who was head to toe with Burton, is still on the company’s boards and bindings. Nike Snowboarding Team Manager, Bobby Meeks had this to say about Nicolas: "Müller is a snowboarder's snowboarder. I've never seen anyone ride like him before."

Austin Smith, who was previously on Quiksilver outerwear is coming back from an injury and helping with the design of Nike’s outerwear. Brand Director, Michael Hernandez said, "Austin is doing all the right things to rehab his injury. He's around the office alot and he's been focusing on our outerwear."

Nike Snowboarding and 6.0’s squad has been growing by leaps and bounds this season and it’s interesting to see the scope broadening with riders on other company’s programs – we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next from Nike.austin smith