Nike 6.0 Installs Legendary Red Ledge In GREATEST HITS PARK

On Saturday January 30th, Mt Seymour locals witnessed the Red Ledge jam go down in the Nike 6.0 GREATEST HITS Park at Mt. Seymour, BC; created to support the local shred community. The gray, foggy, rainy conditions didn’t stop the 100 plus shredders who showed up from riding hard all day. Some truly dedicated drove out from as far as Nanaimo and Edmonton to session the red beast. Though conditions were not ideal, the music, BBQ, and overflow of sugary pop kept the blood flowing all day. Sean Keating on the mic kept everyone entertained and kitted out the crowd with 6.0 swag. Those who threw banger combos down the fast, wide ledges were hooked up with a new 6.0 kicks.

Some of the stand out snowboarders of the day included Justin VDP who killed it with a switch front board and 270 on, 270 off. Chelsea Armstrong added a front board and Corey McIntosh threw down a front lip and 50 50 to 180.

“Everyone was pushing each other and the caliber of riding got better throughout the day,” said Mark Williams, Terrain Park Manager for Mt. Seymour. “It’s going to be interesting to see the creativity and tricks that are going to go down on the Burlington double kink. We are going to have so many amazing features in the Greatest Hits park, kid’s aren’t going to know where to start.”

The final addition to the 6.0 Greatest Hits park at Mt. Seymour has been announced. The Vermont Double Set from Burlington will be resurrected!! Be sure to make it out as we celebrate the opening of this feature on Saturday, February 20, 2010. Put the date on your calendar and check out for updates.