Nike Takes An Earth-Friendly Oath

Nike's Factory In China Is Pushed To Make A Change

Nike's Factory In China Is Pushed To Make A Change

The folks over at Nike are taking an aggressive approach to pollution prevention. Nike, Inc.--which includes Nike, Hurley, Converse, Cole Haan, and Umbro--promised to a Greenpeace corporate sustainability campaign. The campaign focuses on eliminating all hazardous chemicals from the supply chain by 2020, with direct focus on water and chemical usage. This means, nine years from now, Nike factories throughout China will see zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. Now, you must be wondering how a company of this magnitude plans to reduce their chemical discharge to zero percent in less than 10-years…? Answer: they have no other choice. Innovation is the only solution to breaking down the existing barriers.

The industry powerhouse, ironically built upon the Just Do It approach to life, recognizes that they need to spearhead innovative solutions. Nike speaks to the need of creative problem solving related to transparency in chemical management. Such creative problem solving includes using "Green Chemistry" to push this project into fruition. "Green Chemistry" is essentially the use of safer chemistry, paired with the design, development, and implementation of eliminating hazardous processes.

As recently as July 2011, Greenpeace efforts have pushed sneaker giants--such as Adidas and Puma--to make similar pollution prevention initiatives within their China-based factories.

Nike promises they "will work tirelessly to affect system change across the industry towards this goal..." They also recognize that this change will result in an initiative of other parties, "This commitment includes sustained investment in moving industry, government, and science and technology to deliver change."

Nike invites other industry leaders to help in creating a broader action-plan. This collaboration is "critical to drive progress" and solutions, says Nike.

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