Nowness X Stephanie Gilmore Present Short Film ‘Trestles Forever’

Break Line: Stephanie Gilmorefrom Todd Cole on

Nowness, an online publication centered around fashion, music, sports, and travel, has teamed up with Director Todd Cole and pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore to produce “Trestles Forever,” a graceful monochromatic film that follows the twenty-four year old riding waves in the Pacific Ocean at SoCal’s Trestles, set to a soundtrack by New York-based experimental rock band Liars. Here’s more, straight from the makers of the film:

"I wanted to capture her in a way that seems atypical of these types of films," says Cole, "I wanted to show her simply engaged in her sport for the pure pleasure of it. Not for competition, but just for the love of it."

Gilmore has dominated the women's professional surfing scene since starting out in 2007, gaining 5 world titles, 21 Elite Tour victories, a 2011 ESPY for Best Female Actions Sports Athlete, a 2010 Laureus Action Sports Person of the Year, and was recently featured in the Olympic issue of style bible Vogue US. On working with Cole, Gilmore says: "Surfing, as Diana Vreeland said, 'is god's tranquilizer… to be between the water and the sky seems to be the most wonderful thing.' She's right, and this film by Todd Cole takes me to that special place! I feel privileged to have worked with Todd and show him how much I love and live for water and waves. He definitely lets that shine through."



Trestles, San Diego County.

Shoot duration:

One day; a few hours in the morning, then off on a boat looking for clear pools of water, and then another hour of surfing at sunset.

Number of waves surfed:


Number of surf choreographers used:

One: Sonny Miller.


Two Arri 16mm film cameras in custom-made underwater housings.

Food consumed on set:

Bagels and cream cheese, chips, guacamole and salsa.

Drink consumed on set:

Water, coconut water and some tequila at the end of the day.

Approximate calories burned surfing:


Surfboard used:

5'9 DHD (Darren Handley Designs). 


Kris Zero.

 and makeup:

Angelina Cheng.


Bikinis by Zero, Maria Cornejo and Cali Dreaming. Wetsuit by Quiksilver.