Oakley Announces Webisode Series Featuring Skate Icon Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist catching massive air in ‘Dreamland’

The Six-Episode Series Will Unveil Unseen Footage of Burnquist’s Backyard ‘Dreamland’

Press Release:

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif., July 31, 2013 – Oakley, Inc. introduces a new six-part webisode series featuring skateboarding icon Bob Burnquist, 36. The series gives viewers exclusive access to the private domain in which many of Burnquist's contributions to skateboarding were born: his backyard in Southern California, which is better known as 'Dreamland.' So much of Burnquist's character and personality are reflected in those acres of hilly terrain – from the vegetable gardens to the yurts, the helicopter pad to the Vert ramp, the MegaRamp to the never-before-seen addition: the Hip.

"Life is always happening over here [in Dreamland] and we're always capturing all the different activities; it's a part of what I do and who I am. This is a fun and productive time in my life, so I wanted to share that with my fans," Burnquist said. "When I'm riding, I always have ideas, some of which never see the light of day, but the Hip was something I knew was possible and really wanted to make happen. The hip was a progression of a lot of things that I've seen and done, like the corkscrew, which I have sitting in the backyard. With so many of these ideas, though, you don't know if they'll actually work until you start building and can really visualize what's possible."

The first episode of "The Dreamland Series" is Burnquist's first major part since 2010 and incorporates more than three years of unseen footage. The part also includes recently captured footage of Burnquist learning and mastering the massive Hip, a feature that sends Burnquist flying into the Mega's 25-foot quarterpipe, allowing for a variety of maneuvers. Despite being among the elder statesmen of skateboarding, this edit demonstrates that Burnquist remains one of the most exciting and dynamic talents the industry has ever seen. His perpetual desire for progression has been integral to Burnquist's long-time relationship with Oakley. The brand shares a similar mindset with the creation and production of its industry-leading eyewear, technical outerwear and apparel.

"Bob Burnquist has been a longtime member of the Oakley family and it’s been a great privilege for Oakley to share this journey with him," said Patrick McIlvain VP Global Sports Marketing. "Supporting his dream of building the MegaRamp eight years ago and watching him take, not only his riding, but the sport of skateboarding to the next level has been incredible. Today, Bob is revealing the next evolution of that progression and we're honored to participate in making his dream land, a reality." 

Despite his competitive success – Burnquist recently broke the record to become the most decorated athlete in X Games history – Burnquist is constantly in pursuit of what's next. Countless hours are invested riding, experimenting and ultimately crashing all for the sake of pushing his own limits, and in turn, those of the world of skateboarding. Whether that comes on the Mega, the Vert ramp or in the empty pools he seeks out from the vantage point of his helicopter, so much of every waking moment is dedicated to his profession and passion. In this series, that mentality and approach to life shines through.

The six-part series will introduce a new episode weekly, beginning with today. Visit www.oakley.com/dreamland to view each episode of the series as they are released.

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