Oakley Celebrates North American Launch of Blade Boardshorts

Oakley Blade Boardshorts

The Blade Boardshorts were on display at the launch party

It was a big night for Oakley Wednesday, May 11, as it celebrated the North American launch of its newest innovation, The Blade Boardshort, at The Shore Restaurant & Bar in San Clemente, California. Several industry folk, retailers, and athletes gathered for the unveiling of this revolutionary design that aims to raise the bar for boardshort technology.

It Was a Packed House For Oakley's North American Launch of The Blade Boardshorts

It Was a Packed House For Oakley's North American Launch of The Blade Boardshorts

Since Oakley is a global brand they were able to get insight from an array of international athletes who surf all kinds of waters helping them to truly pinpoint what was necessary for this ultimate boardshort design. The short features a four way stretch material to eliminate chaffing, an inner compression short designed to keep your muscles in place and reduce fatigue, and nano technology allowing for molecular level water repellent capability, so that water will bead and roll off rather than soaking into the material accounting for less drag and weight in the water. The outer shell of the short has welded seams to cut down on weight as well as prevent rashes, which seemed to be the most popular aspect of the short with a lot of the team's surfers. Oakley team surfer Adam Melling added, "The best part is probably that [the short] doesn't rash. Some boardies stick to your leg and ride up, but these don't have that problem."

Designer Lawrance Quigley was excited to see the design finally come to life after working closely with athletes, lots of testing, and even taking a group of key retailers down to Costa Rica for a brainstorm session to get this design right, "I figured go big or go home! Oakley is mostly known for our eyewear products in the U.S. Now we have this great boardshort design and hopefully it will help to grow recognition for our other product categories. We did a lot of research and testing with this, the compression short is a great aspect – a lot of surfers wear spandex underneath their boardshorts anyway to prevent rashes so it made sense to integrate that component into the design. "

Not only is this boardshort great for surfers but it is equally as revolutionary for wakeboarders who are looking for the same kind of comfort and muscle control. Overall the night was a success and Oakley's new design is sure to be seen flooding waters around the globe soon enough. But, don't take our word for it, get out there and try them for yourself! The Blade Board Shorts are now available at oakley.com