Oakley Promotes Global Director Of Action Sports Marketing

matty-swanson-headshotfMatt Swanson has been promoted to Oakley Global Director of Action Sports Marketing, following a long-time stint with the brand as the category’s sports marketing manager.

“I have been working side-by-side with the action sport managers for a long time, and I am super excited about the promotion,” explains Swanson. “Taking on the new role as sports marketing director will enable our group to align with the global sales structure and let us focus specifically on the action sports channel. The surf, skate, snowboard, ski, BMX, FMX and wake sport verticals are deeply entrenched in the heritage of the Oakley brand. The individual global sports marketing managers responsible for these sports are the key to our success. The hard work of this team has not gone unnoticed, and we look forward to continuing to infuse these sports into the DNA of Oakley.”

Oakley Sports Marketing includes more than 20 different sports ranging from snowboarding to nascar, cycling to baseball and track & field to sailing. Among these channels are three overarching categories: action sports, performance sports and motor sports. With the growing scope of Oakley’s involvement in each of these wide-ranging markets, Oakley has promoted three long time sports marketing managers to oversee the brand’s global efforts in each category.

Patrick McIlvain, VP Global Sports Marketing, proudly named Matt Swanson director of action sports, Cuan Petersen director of performance sports and Todd Hayes director of motor sports. Together this trio is poised to play an integral role in Oakley’s long-term growth and authentic integration within each of their individual sport verticals by working in tandem with their team of global sports marketing managers.

“Each director has a keen sense of what is happening on the front lines of their channel, combined with the ability to disseminate that information throughout the organization,” said McIlvain. “This structure also enables Sports Marketing to align with the global sales structure and refine the focus of each category.”

“Oakley is driven by continual evolution, and that philosophy applies to all aspects of the organization,” continued McIlvain. “I’m proud to help usher in this new generation of sports marketing directors, and I look forward to seeing each channel thrive under their leadership.”


Action Sports: Surf, Skate, Snowboard, Ski, BMX, FMX and Wakeboarding

Motor Sports: IndyCar, MX, NASCAR, NHRA, Rally Racing, Sports Car and MotoGP

Performance Sports: Baseball, Beach Volleyball, Cycling, Fishing, Golf, Hockey, Mountain Bike, Tennis, Track & Field, Triathlon and the Olympics