Ocean & Earth Moves to Surf Mecca Costa Mesa

ocean-and-earth.jpgOFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – COSTA MESA, CA – May 1, 2008 – Thirty year old heritage brand Ocean & Earth, born and bred in Sussex Inlet Australia and available in America since 1979, has recently linked a string of successes spawning from recent implementation of a 5 year global expansion plan.

In December 2007, CEO of International Operations Paul Munten completed an extensive search for new brand leadership in North America, consummate with the hiring of Dave Nielsen as VP of the crucial and strategic U.S. territory.

Said Munten: “Category segment growth in America will be brought about through a confluence of strategic marketing aimed at maintaining a halo over the brand; including product extensions and development of O&E’s strategic marketing initiative. To this point,” continued Munten,  “Dave was brought on board to implement sales, marketing and branding profiles that while globally synergistic, explore and implement ‘new to USA’ market segments without being held back by typical in box industry protocol and boundaries.”

Taking this cue, Nielsen’s first hire was Burton Companies Director of Creative Concept’s, Matt Patterson.

Said Nielsen, “Matt’s core experience, deeply entrenched in the creative world of Volcom, Quiksilver and Burton position him perfectly to help guide Ocean & Earth further out into the light.”

Further Nielsen added;  “As a free spirited artist, musician, writer and crazy good surfer, I expect we’ll see no shortage of uniquely creative ‘live’ energy marketing strategy from Matt.  It’s fun to set out on an original and inspired path stemming from O&E’s heritage with Matt as our guide toward a fresh new market position here in the USA.”

In addition to acquiring Patterson, Nielsen has retooled and revitalized existing staff & structure, adding more depth and direction to its crew of proven players in key roles.   Other important new initiatives to the brand’s current DNA include a new global branding platform.

“The cohesive one-look, one-feel story will allow the newly structured North American subsidiary to benefit from the brands overall strength globally” said Paul Munten.  “Additionally, the U.S. territory will embrace our highly successful and organically grown Ocean and Earth event series ‘Teenage Rampage’ by producing multiple events here in the U.S.”

These exciting new segment additions will benefit the U.S. territory as they embrace categories O&E has experienced much global success with. Ocean & Earths internationally proven track record in apparel and outerwear will be a welcome addition to its successful core surf accessory segment here in the USA.

The O&E crew looks forward to executing these new initiatives from a new office and warehouse situated in the historic Surf Industry mecca of West Costa Mesa, CA.

“We’re really stoked to be part of the high energy mix up on Goat Hill; as lot of the Hurley, RVCA, Volcom, Atwater etc. crew are our friends and use O&E gear.”

Said Nielsen further; “Being headquartered near 54th St. and the River Jetty guarantees we’ll have time to enjoy refreshing lunchtime surfs when it’s happening!”