October Sales Jump 6.1% In Core Retail

Reported by Cary Allington, ActionWatch

Sales in the core shops on the ActionWatch retail panel were up 9% for the 10-month period of January through October 2011 compared to the same time period last year. October sales were up by 6% compared to October last year and therefore slightly under the YTD average, but still in solid positive territory.

Each major category produced a sales increase in October. Female footwear growth took top honors with a gain of 52% while male-gender footwear was essentially flat. The difference was even more extreme when drilling down to just closed-toe shoes where the female gender was up over 100% and male shoe sales growth was slightly negative.

Fleece and jacket sales growth was strong in October for both male and female genders. However, while sweater sales were strong on the girls' side of the store, men's/boys' sweater sales were down double digits. Short-sleeve tee sales were down while long-sleeve tee sales had a strong sales gain in October.

All accessory classes were up except belts and wallets with sales growth of socks especially high. Skate hardgood sales were slightly down while surf hardgood sales were up 18% in October. Wetsuit sales were up strongly in October, but this is the smallest major category and tends to be the most volatile. However, wetsuit sales for the year so far are up over 10%.




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