Offical Crown of Laurel x Stefan Janoski


Official Crown of Laurel is proud to announce the introduction of enigmatic pro skateboarder, Stefan Janoski, as the lead rider on their newly emerging skate team.

stefan janoski

Having already proved his ability to genius design with his top-selling Nike SB signature shoe - Stefan will apply that same aesthetic, and desire to the Official x Janoski capsule collections. Spring 2013 marks the beginning of this endeavor in which we will see a new signature capsule collection each season, actively designed and developed by Stefan himself.

This season introduces a never-before-seen all mesh 5-Panel strap-back design with a clear-green visor (a la Fear and Loathing) as well as a run of ultra soft 100% Cashmere beanies. Keep your eye out for more phenomenal, left-of-center designs to drop from this capsule collection later this year.