Olympic Halfpipe Venue All But Bare

While the Olympic halfpipe team may be solidified, the snow situation at Olympic host resort Cypress Mountain definitely isn’t. TransWorld SNOWboarding got some exclusive photos of the resort this weekend from staff photographer Scott Serfas and they are less than encouraging for the success of the events.


The resort was closed earlier in the season due to the lack of snow and operators efforts to conserve what little they have and move snow around on the mountain. Either things haven’t improved or they’ve moved all of the snow from the hill over to the pipe and are keeping it under wraps.

According to SNOW’s Annie Fast:

The venue for the halfpipe, snowboardcross and a couple ski events, Cypress Mountain sits just 30 minutes outside the city and even in a good year, doesn't get tons of snow.  Unfortunately, this year has been especially warm. Because of this, the rumors have been flying. What are the IOC ski organizers going to do? How will they build an Olympic quality pipe in the rain? Even the New York Times is wondering—check their story. TransWorld staff photographer Scott Serfas is a Vancouver local, so he went up to scope the venue. The report is not pretty. Serfas said, "I went up there and not surprising,  they weren't letting anyone around the area. I guess they've had enough bad press." They turned him around, but Serfas got crafty and found some vantage points to shoot the lower parts of the mountain. Wow.