Outdoor Gear Exchange Moves Into 44,000-Square-Foot Space

Outdoor Gear Exchange, a brick-and-mortar and online retailer based out of Burlington, Vermont, has announced plans to quadruple its size, moving from its former headquarters into a 44,000-square-foot space that was formerly occupied by retail chain Old Navy. The fifteen year old retailer, which carries everything from snowboard and ski gear to camping and hiking equipment, will move into the new space by mid-May, marking its fourth retail location since Outdoor Gear Exchange was founded in 1995 as a single 800-square-foot shop. Co-owner Marc Sherman says he plans to morph the store into what heĀ  calls a “click-and-mortar” business plan to support its GearX.com site, according to an article published by snewsnet.com:

Outdoor Gear Exchange, Burlington, Vermont

“The growth of GearX.com, which now accounts for 25 percent of the retailer's revenue, was a large factor in the company's quest for a larger location, Sherman told SNEWS. "People shop online now before they go anywhere," he said. "With gas at $4 a gallon it makes sense. They don't want to waste a trip."