Palmer News


The newest Palmer website is up and running with our 2010 product lines and news of the day:

The First Smart Rocker: Combining the performance advantages of traditional camber (carving) and the new Rocker (catch-free) technologies. Palmer has pioneered the FLF Mini-Rocker. Don't freak out, just check out the FLF Rocker video on our homepage to see how this newest technology can make your riding a lot easier!

Chillout Riding – the new snow experience: Check out the newest initiative to enhance the overall experience of winter sports launched by the most popular ski mountains of Switzerland and

Reviews:  Historical look at our award-winning snowboard and ski designs from the the leading magazines and websites!

Palmer riders: Finch, Munari, Eder, Langbroek, Wondergem and the rest!

History of Snowboarding: a short video slideshow by Bud Fawcett

Shaun Palmer: interviews from around the globe with the Palm!

Palmer Shop: If you need to find our products, our new shop will lead the way!

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