Pennsylvania’s Homebase 610 Retail Profile

Agenda just posted a retail profile for Pennsylvania’s Homebase 610. Here’s a look at some of the questions Aaron and crew asked. To read the profile in its entirety visit Agenda’s Biz Network channel.


Who would you like to collab with in the future?

At the last Agenda, I got to talk to Richard Mulder about doing a Heel Bruise collab since we both have the initials "H" "B." That'd be dope because I'm down for that brand and Richard Mulder was in the first skate video I ever saw, Girl Skateboard's "Mouse."

Getting your store off the ground, were you self funded or did you get help from investors?

It was a combination of capital provided by my silent partner and a small business line of credit.

What is the biggest hurdle/challenge you faced since you started homebase? How did you handle or overcome that hurdle?

Getting accounts was the most difficult hurdle. Since there were already established accounts in the area a lot of brands were cautious to sell to us so not to step on these other shop's toes. But as our track record as a business and as an active skateshop grew we were able to lock down the brands we wanted.

What are some key lessons you have learned during your career?

Early on the shop's overhead was ridiculously low and the economy was better so it ran more like a hangout rather than a business. I was a little foolish with our start up capital but now I'm very focused on tracking a brands growth in the store, who I partner the shop's name with and what the return on investment is on any move we make.

What's the best advice you have ever received?

That's a tough one. I've learned lot from so many different mentors I've met over the years. Most recently, I like this quote from a professor at Lehigh University I had the chance the listen to do a lecture. He said "Not everything new is creative but everything creative is new." I like that one.