Penny Skateboards Releases The Nickel Board

Penny Skateboards announces the release of their Nickel Skateboard. The new addition will be featured in 12 different colors and will include their famous Penny plastic formula. Read the details from Penny Skateboards on the most recent board to join their unique product line.

Penny Skateboard's new 'Nickel Board'

San Diego, CA - What is worth more than a Penny? A Nickel! After twelve months of intense research and development, Penny Skateboards is proud to officially announce the global launch for the latest addition to their product line, the "Nickel" Skateboard. The Nickel is larger-sized at 27-inches long by 7.5-inches wide, all with super high quality Penny branded components such as custom 4-inch Penny trucks, 59mm 78A super smooth Penny wheels and Penny ABEC 3 bearings. Made with their secret Penny plastic formula, the Nickel will initially release in a dazzling array of 12 different colors, including their marquee Glow-in-the-Dark model.

The Nickel is the first high performance plastic skateboard larger than 25-inches ever commercially produced.  This is made possible by a breakthrough design that strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and high performance functionality.

Available in-store across the United States beginning November 22nd, 2011, the Nickel is the latest offering to join the Penny family. The Nickel is 5-inches longer and 1.5-inches wider than the original 22-inch Penny model. With a longer wheelbase and larger turning radius, the Nickel offers a more stable roll than the original Penny 22-inch model, perfect for the larger rider market.

"Everything about the Nickel is impressive" says Nick Timms of Penny USA. "Our fans have been pleading with us for a year now to bring them a larger plastic board that was more stable that they could ride. Structurally, we weren't even sure it could be done without compromising the ride that was uniquely Penny… but, as usual, our team has managed to produce another industry first.  Our fans are going to be impressed."

Emerging in the mid-1970s, the plastic injection-molded skateboard was considered one of the finest and most stylish skateboards on the scene. With its tight turning radius and small surface area, they were the ideal way to get around town. The plastic skateboard revival single handedly led by Penny Australia back in early 2010 has been a cultural phenomenon in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK and Japan and also the United States, selling out across 32 American states since its official launch this past August. Penny Skateboards fever has erupted amongst skateboarders, surfers and collectors worldwide due to its diverse range of colorways and industry-leading performance and functionality.

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