Plan an Adventure with the AERIAL7 Drifter Line


Backpacking around the world, exploring the best skate spots, island hopping for the biggest swells, jumping from subway to subway or just out on the town; AERIAL7 has you covered.  AERIAL7 has expanded beyond its Street Series headphone line to introduce the compact and light weight Drifter Series.  The Drifter Series consist of three new models ranging from $19.99 to $39.99, all containing microphones for music and mobile device use along with AERIAL7's fashionable touch and superior sound. These headphones are perfect for on the go travel and are the top accessory choice for this season!

The DRIFTER APEX is an in-ear headphone which includes 4 size ear tips for the perfect fit and comfort. This ear bud carries a massive punch and is currently available in two colors: Apex Vice and Apex Heat. This summer two additional new colors will be introduced: Apex Dark Rasta and Apex Midnight.

The DRIFTER METRO on-ear headphone is the ultra-portable headphone that features a thin cable to decrease bulk, weight and downward pull, as well as swivel ear cups for single-sided monitoring and beat-matching. Listen to the sounds of your music with this on-ear headphone currently available in two colors: Metro Velvet and Metro Flo. This summer the Metro Circuit will be added to the collection.

On the mixing board and on the road, the DRIFTER MATADOR has roots from the street series with the thundering bass, hard-charging highs and crisp consistent mids. The Drifter Matador mid-size headphone features a thin cable, in-line microphone and swivel ear cups. The MATADOR is currently available in Matador Ghost and Matador Deep Purple. Releasing this summer is the Matador Hazard.

Check out to see the entire AERIAL7 line up for this season!