Polarmax & AYG Partner With Shopatron

Polarmax Technical Baselayers and AYG 365's Performance Underwear has joined forces with Shopatron order management systems in order to provide customers with a streamlined shopping experience without competing with their retailers.

Learn more from the release below:


West End, NC (2/21/2012) – "This was the last piece in our commerce puzzle, and now it's complete," said Roger Maxey, national sales director for Polarmax and AYG. "Creating greater product availability without devaluing our retail partners was an important hurdle for us, and Shopatron is the perfect solution. It creates a win-win-win solution for the manufacturer, consumer and retailer."

Allowing for products to be picked from one of multiple locations, orders have been coming in from the first day of integration, making Shopatron a valuable resource from the beginning.