Pomp It Up Opens Doors In Lausanne; New Issue of Open Out

Oh my God, somebody please keep me on the floor! The new shoe shop ‘Pomp it
Up’ opened yesterday night in Lausanne (le Flon) and everybody there got
blown away! It’s the most beautiful, generous, well designed shoe shop I
have ever seen in my life and I have seen many! And it’s in Lausanne, just
next door… I mean PLEASE! Yep, Toto is taking it very far this time and I
can’t wait to see other shop owners getting inspired by this concept! (It
doesn’t always have to be Paris or New York…).
TOTO, I wish you all success on earth, you are THE MAN, YOU ROCK!!! Thanks
for this great moment of emotion, heart and vision!

The other great emotion this morning was finding my husband’s OPEN Magazine
in the Office, freshly arrived from the Printers house! It blew me away a
second time! In this amazing magazine with 164 pages reigns the same energy
as in Totos shop… I mean you have to see it to believe it!!! Open leads
you in a world of fashion vision, Zeitgeist and beauty! Quality pure… And
printed for the first time on FSC, yihhaaa Benny, welcome in the Club! For
those who live in Switzerland and who don’t know this magazine already, I
highly recommend to check it out in a Newspaperstore or exceptionally I give
away 10 magazines, first come first served (Please send me your address if
you are based in Switzerland).

Yes, I’m pretty blown away now:)

Oh wow!

Happy Easter:)))

Your Coco

7sky Magazine