Portland Dew Tour Results

Ryan Decenzo

Ryan Decenzo won TransWorld SKATE's best trick contest with a nollie backside nose blunt.

The Dew Tour dropped in on Portland, Oregon this past weekend for the Wendy’s Invitational and all of skate’s über contest pros were on hand including PLG who took home the vert, Chaz Ortiz who iced the street course, and Ryan Decenzo who won $2,500 in the TransWorld SKATEboarding best trick contest.

Here are some highlights:

Best Trick

For the first time ever, the Dew Tour took the Best Trick Contest outside the course to a true street element using the Rose Quarters Rails around the arena. Nine skateboarders were selected to show off their best tricks during a thirty-minute jam session in hopes that one would earn them twenty five hundred dollars. In addition to the champion prize purse, cash from a one thousand dollar pool was handed out as skaters threw out and landed their tricks.

The competition was fierce, but Canada-native Ryan Decenzo came out on top with his nollie backside nose blunt down the rail. The win didn't come easy and the jam session was packed with back-to-back tricks including Adam Dyet's flip backside 50 down the rail and Jordan Hoffart's varied tail flip 50 down the rail.


Defending Dew Cup champion Pierre-Luc Gagnon, who hails from Canada, won the skate vert final on Friday at the Dew Tour's Wendy's Invitational. Gagnon's switch heelflip 360 and his flawless 720 earned him a first-place finish of 90.00. Boston-native Andy Macdonald threw out a variety of flip tricks for an 84.75 second-place finish, and Brazilian-born Sandro Dias had a consistently smooth run that included a gnar jar and landed in third place with a score of 83.75.


Defending Dew Cup champion Chaz Ortiz of Chicago, Ill. won the skate park finals, putting him at the top of the leader board in season-long Dew Tour rankings.

Ortiz sat in first place going into the final jam session, with Philadelphia-native Chris Cole trailing closely behind. Ortiz's run was highlighted by a nollie heel backlip and a double kickflip frontboard, earning him a final score of 91.88. Cole pulled out a miller flip on the quarterpipe and a backside 360 kickflips for his second-place score of 90.38. Paul Rodriguez of Tarzana, Calif. bumped into the third-place podium spot with a score of 88.58 and a run including a switch kickflip frontboard.

"Everyone skated really hard today, and I'm glad it worked out where I came out on top," said Ortiz. "There are so many talented guys out here, and we have fun pushing each other."