POW Gloves Launches Website Scavenger Hunt

For the 2012/2013 winter season POW Gloves has not only launched their new product line, but also a new website, and a website scavenger hunt contest to go along with it. The contest encourages participants to explore all aspects of the new website while in search for the “POW treasure”.

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POW Gloves has launched a contest introducing their Winter 2012/13 line just in time for buying in stores worldwide. Follow the Website Scavenger Hunt in search of POW treasure at: www.facebook.com/POWGlovesUSA.

Simultaneous with the contest, POW has updated its website to offer consumer support, improved product viewing, a comprehensive and interactive team, all integrated with social media.

New Product Views! – POW's new innovative interactivity allows customers to find products within POW's inline selection with ease using various search criteria such as featured products, intended use, and technical materials used to build specific gloves.

Updated Team Section! – POW's interactive team set-up provides consumer connectivity to POW's team riders in a new and engaging way. It also offers POW's Team riders a platform to integrate social media, a bio, and an expanded photo gallery.

Advanced Customer Service! – POW's enhanced customer service support section provides an accessible way for consumers to ask questions and become educated on products and practices. Find everything about POW from company history to how to properly care for your gloves.

Integrated Social Media! – The home page features a live feed of social media "daily dumps" direct from POW Gloves and a separate "team news" feed that incorporates the happenings of all POW athletes. This feature allows consumers to have a continuous connection with the athletes and the POW brand itself. An expanded news feed can be found under the "News" tab.

POW Gloves Website Scavenger Hunt Contest

With the updates to POW's website you are encouraged to become a part of and participate in leading edge innovation present in all POW products; explore POW's website by touring the new site and entering our POW Gloves Website Scavenger Contest via Facebook. This contest will familiarize customers with the new product views, team set-up, customer support innovations, social media integration and more while giving them the chance to win a $250 worth of POW Gloves products.

Enter to win at: www.facebook.com/POWGlovesUSA or http://powgloves.wufoo.com/forms/z7x3p9/

Check out the new site along with our winter 2012-2013 line at www.powgloves.com