Pro Skater Jason Adams Supports Skate Crate Kickstarter Project

Pro Skater Jason Adams Supports Skate Crate Kickstarter Project

Watch as legendary pro skateboarder and artist Jason Adams paints a one-of-a-kind custom Skate Crate and then bombs through the streets of Oceanside with Matt Hensley, Kristian Svitak and Aly Moore. Jason along with PF Flyers are helping promote the launch of the Skate Crate company which takes skateboarding all the way back to it’s 100 year old roots when kids would take and old pair of metal roller-skates, a plank and a fruit crate, nail them all together and roll down the sidewalk like a juvenile biker gang.

For information on the Skate Crate Kickstarter campaign, read our full story here, and see below for more details:

What is a Skate Crate? It's a retro-cool cruiser designed for fun and creative expression.  It's for families and friends of all ages.  It's for those of us who wouldn't be caught dead on one of those folding metal scooters. A Skate Crate is easier to ride than a skateboard, it's even a perfect vehicle for mom and dad to keep up with the kids while they ride their bikes or skateboards.  It's also the one piece of sporting equipment that you'll want to leave on display in your living room instead of stashing it in your garage!

We set out to make a modern version of the classic.  After building some replica crates with metal roller skates it was obvious why they tapered off in popularity (though they did have a good 50 + year run!).  The metal wheels are insanely loud and rough and the vintage fruit crates were rickety, splintery and quickly started falling apart.  We've fixed all of the shortcomings of the Skate Crates of yesteryear with our awesome design upgrades!

For a durable box we chose Baltic Birch plywood using "lock rabbet" joints for strength and then nailed and glued them for durability. 

Check out the entire photo gallery from Adams recent Skate Crate creative session:




Skate Industry Veteran Launches Skate Crate On Kickstarter