Professional Snowboarder and Skier Busted for Running Giant Drug Ring


Benjamin Miles and Julian Abraham were sentenced this week for running their drug ring

Professional snowboarder Benjamin Adam Miles and professional skier Julian Edward Abraham are looking at early retirements. The Inertia reports that Miles, 25, and Abraham, 26, were caught selling ecstasy, cocaine, and and ice (methamphetamine) in Jindabyme, New South Wales, Australia. They were caught in the parking lot of a mountain train station, and were sentenced this week. Both Miles and Abraham pled guilty to multiple charges.

In July and August of 2015, Miles and Abraham made off with over $300,000 in drug profits. Miles was sentenced to eight years, while Abraham was sentenced to five. The two sold large quantities of drugs, and referred to each drug as a different fast food item when taking orders from customers – for example, "cheeseburgers", "drinks", and "fries". Miles, joking with the judge during his sentencing, said that if a customer ordered all three drugs, they would get a “meal deal.” Probably not the best joke to be making during your sentencing for selling narcotics, but to each his own.

Below is a video of Miles, shot by Abraham.

Abraham testified that he ran drugs from Canberra to Jindabyne, and received all of his payments in the form of narcotics, to support his drug habit.

Abraham is due for release in February of 2017, but Miles won’t even be up for parole until 2020.

Guess we know which powder to stick with from now on.

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