projectDETOUR Brings Us a Beautiful Representation of the California Lifestyle

projectDETOUR knows the active California lifestyle encompasses the best of each world: snow, surf, skate, and moto

This video is the latest to come out of the epic projectDETOUR series. These films, the brainchild of David Bertschinger Karg (who rides, films, and edits the entire series) show not just one aspect of snowboarding, but the whole culture surrounding it.

In California, you can explore giants rocks in the morning, and be surfing by sunset. Skating is a way of life, not just transportation, and the feel of being on your bike on the open road is as close to flying on your own wings as you can get. The active lifestyle is all-encompassing, and when you’re part of it, you don’t just identify as a surfer, skater, skier, snowboarder; you’re all of it. It’s a way of life, not a label that has to be smacked down on each of us.