Quiksilver Launches E-Commerce Web Site


When Transworld Business broke the story that Roxy was launching a direct-to-consumer e-commerce site back in December '07 with an exclusive interview with Quiksilver Americas President Marty Samuels, the issue of manufacturers selling product direct to the consumer online became a hot topic on our site’s message boards. TWBIZ asked Samuels when Quiksilver’s site would go live, and he said it wouldn’t happen until the marketing, product, retail, and affiliate components were totally dialed in.

Well, the wait is over. This morning Quiksilver launched the new site (see preview below).


According to Quiksilver VP of Sales Dave Rosenberger, the site has several features that will benefit the brand’s retail partners.

Two of said features are the “Find A Dealer” function (pictured below/ left), which allows users to type in their zip codes and find all the authorized Quik dealers in a 50 mile radius, and the “Online Dealer” function, which sends site visitors to approved online affiliates. These features appear as clickable links in the header of each page on the site.

The site’s “Shop” segment also gives the user a choice with a feature Rosenberger calls “Product To Invoice.” Once the user has selected a specific product and added it to their cart, they are then prompted to chose whether to buy direct from Quiksilver.com or do a dealer search by zip code and see which dealers in the area carry that particular product. “This revolutionary feature clearly demonstrates Quiksilver's commitment to brick and mortar,” say Rosenberger.


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