Quiksilver Sponsors SiteLA Program to Inspire Women Visionaries

In celebration of launching it’s new collection for women, Quiksilver has selected six creative young women to participate in a year long residency at Site LA, a work and communal space that will allow the selectedQuiksilver Logo individuals – who range from an aspiring entrepreneur and an architect to an automotive designer and a singer/songwriter – to further develop a long-range project and inspire other women.

The women were selected from across a broad range of creative cultural fields, according to a press released issued Feb. 6, by Quiksilver. The company feels that the women’s presence, which will be documented throughout the year through videos and blogs that will be posted at SiteLA.org, will help inspire other young women to pursue their dreams and awaken within everyone the spirit of surfing, according to the release.

"Over the last 30 years, Quiksilver has provided the tools for boardriders to do some pretty impressive things. We have always strived to be a source of support and inspiration," said Steve Tully, President of Quiksilver Brands in the Americas. "Now, as we continue to expand our vision and grow our community, we want to use our resources to awaken the spirit of surfing in everyone. We hope that by enabling these radical women and exposing their impressive endeavors, others will be inspired to follow their vision by doing what they love."

Stay updated on how the year goes by checking in to SiteLA.org.