Quiksilver To Launch On eBay’s Fashion Mall

Quiksilver has announced that it will launch a number of online stores within eBay’s Fashion Mall beginning next month. Roxy will be kicking off the new partnership with eBay, with Quiksilver and DC brands to follow later this year.

Garry Wall, General Manager at Quiksilver Australia, believes the the move reflects the ongoing evolution of the online marketplace, saying:

"It is important to understand that eBay has evolved from an auction and second-hand marketplace to a serious full-price channel and today the majority of eBay listings are fixed price and new product sales.”

"EBay is one of the biggest online clothing sellers and customers have been purchasing our products on eBay for many years but unfortunately from unauthorised sellers where we cannot guarantee authenticity of the product or appropriate customer service levels. By offering our authentic product on eBay via our own stores we can guarantee to our customers that what they purchase is genuine product that meets our highest quality standards,” Wall continued.

Read on for more on Quiksilver’s launch into the eBay fashion world:

Despite the changing dynamic in the marketplace, Quiksilver vows to be respectful of its long-term traditional bricks and mortar retail partners.

"We were the first in the industry to set up our own B2C ecommerce platform and sell to consumers directly," said Wall. "That way if our traditional retailers were unhappy with any activity they could communicate directly with the source."

Quiksilver will continue to work closely with traditional, wholesale retailers; developing an Affiliates Program that will share revenue with wholesale partners on ecommerce sales.

"We're very aware of the changes in the market, but we're also very aware of our relationship with our traditional retailers and how important they are not only to us but also to the entire industry," said Wall.

However, Surf Retailers Federation President Anthony Wilson said he was disappointed with the lack of communication about the decision.

"If the logic is to sell full price product, showcase the brands and clean up eBay then I’d possibly understand that. But if the logic is to use the channel to dump clearance product then that’s going to affect a lot of retailers and I’m not sure how that’s respectful, " said Wilson.