‘Quit Your Day Job’ crowd funding efforts continue

The Quit Your Day Job project started in January 2015 and was inspired by female skaters and the next generation

Quit Your Day Job is the first full-length female skate film in over a decade. As a result, it’s being met with a high level of enthusiasm from those who have supported its crowdfunding campaign, which has already met its goal of $10k.

In an effort to support the cost of the film, the Quit Your Day Job crew put together a package of perks on Indiegogo for everyone that supports the project- including stickers, water bottles, apparel and more. The crowdfunding campaign ends on October 24, 2016.

From the Quit Your Day Job Indiegogo site: 

Created by skaters and filmmakers Erik Sandoval and Monique O’Toole, this project started in January of 2015 as a short skate edit. The desire, demand and need for a full length girls skate film became a reality as Erik and Monique met girls from all over the country whose talents deserved to be showcased. This film will change people’s perception of what females are capable of and inspire a new world of possibility for the next generation of women.

Support their crowdfunding campaign and help inspire the next generation of female skaters: https://igg.me/at/quityourdayjobfilm

You can watch the crowdfunding video explaining the project here.

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