Randall Harris Takes Home Best Trick At CIE Spring Ride

Randall Harris | Courtesy of TransWorld Wakeboarding

Randall Harris | Courtesy of TransWorld Wakeboarding

Randall Harris took home the prize for best trick with a mute 720 at CIE Spring Ride last weekend. Chances are this isn’t the last victory we’ll see from Randall this season. We caught up with him a bit to share some of the excitement:

How was it to take home 1st place in best trick for the second year in a row at Spring Ride?

I’m super amped on winning best trick at Spring Ride again this year.  Spring Ride is the biggest wake event on the West Coast.  All the homies and the whole West Side Riders crew rallies at this event.  It feels great to win something for the home team in Cali.  It wouldn't have happened without my man Eddie Valdez driving proper D ups.  Plus my primo Ricky G won big trick so we both came out on top. It's great to share the victory with a good friend. Wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Did you plan out what tricks you were going to pull during your ride or was it a game-time decision?

I never plan what tricks I’m going to do.  I go by what I call feelin' the flow. Sort of like using the force (ha ha). I get in my mode and do whatever the flow is telling me.

Got any new big tricks in the works for upcoming contests?

I have a grip of tricks I want to bust this year.  Not just for contests but for mags, videoss, web videoss, and to just blow minds and step up wakeboarding in general.

What contests can we expect to see you at next?

I’ll be at Wake the Plank in Laughlin and Brostock.  I'm just doing what I feel like doing.  Going wherever the wind blows. Ya never know where I'll pop up!