Results Announced From 4th Annual Pro Tech Pool Party; Mimi Koop, Rune Glifberg Walk Away Champs

As recorded by,  the following are the results for the fourth annual Pro Tech Pool Party, held Saturday, May 17 at the Vans Combi Bowl:

Pro-tec Pool Party 2008 Final Results

1. Rune Glifberg $25,000
2. Omar Hassan $15,000
3. Bucky Lasek $7,500
4. Bob Burnquist $3,000
5. Benji Galloway $2,000
6. Sergie Ventura $1,500
7. Bruno Passos $1,000
8. Joshua Borden $700
9. Nolan Munroe $500
10. Adam Taylor $300

1. Chris Miller $10,000
2. Steve Caballero $6,000
3. Nicky Guerrero $3,000
4. Eric Nash $1,000
5. Lester Kasai $500
6. Pat Ngoho $200
7. Steve Steadham $200
8. Tony Mag $200
9. Buck Smith $200
10. Ben Schroeder $200

1. Mimi Knoop $4,000
2. Julie Kindstrand $2,500
3. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins $1,000
4. Allysha Bergado $650
5. Amelia Brodka $350
6. Elise Dabby $100
7. Holly Lyons $100
8. Lea Taylor $100
9. Cressey Rice $100
10. Heidi Fitzgerald $100

Thrasher/Vans "Block$ for Buck$"
Longest Boardslide Contest
1st Steve Caballero 18 blocks $1800
2nd (tie) Eddie Reategui 15 1/4 blocks
2nd (tie) Steve Steadham 15 1/4 blocks                                                                                                              Mimi Koop, Pro Tech Pool Party

In a separate PRESS RELEASE issued by Nikita, the women’s action sports company asks “What's Mimi Knoop do at the Pool?”

To put it bluntly, she slays it. No pool-side lounging, reading US Weekly and sipping fruity drinks adorned with mini umbrellas for this Nikita gal.  On May 17th The Vans Combi pool in Orange, California was host to the fourth annual Pro Tec Pool Party.  Mimi took first for the ladies leaving 4 G's richer and adding a win to her impressive resume.

The 90 – 100 degree weather added a feeling of discomfort to the already intimidating concrete Combi monster.  Slick transitions and rowdy vert gives even the legends a wobble in their knees when approaching this pool. Mimi skated strong, sporting a cast on her broken wrist she had injured at this very pool just two months before. Over the past few months Mimi has been getting used to skating with a cast, it certainly didn't seem a hindrance here!

Cara-Beth Burnside, previously three-time winner of the Pool Party, was out with injury this time around but according to Mimi, "a few of the other girls were skating really well so I knew it was still going to be a fight even without Cara-Beth". Lin-Z Adams Hawkins, Amelia Brodka, Julia Kindstrand and the youngster of the bunch, Allysha Bergado all kept Mimi on her toes throughout the heated competition.

Though the weather and competition were hot, Mimi held strong and came out on top. She had this to say about the event, "In the end I basically just went for it! I was stoked to win!"

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