Rick McCrank Advocates For Animals in New PETA2 Vegetarian AD

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE — “Rick McCrank PETA2 AD. Shown on his skateboard doing a noseblunt in 15 sequential shots, McCrank goes on to say, “I am a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and father. For me, eating meat feels unnatural.” You can view the ad here.

To coincide with the launch of the new ad, visitors to peta2.com can register to win top-flight gear from Momentum Wheels—which McCrank co-owns—including wheels, bearings, T-shirts, posters, and more.

McCrank’s fluid command of the skateboard earned him the title of “Best Street Skater” in 2000 in Transworld SKATEboarding magazine. Skateboarding is still his passion, but these days you can also find the Ontario transplant at Anti-Social, the Vancouver skate shop and art gallery that he also co-owns.

Why is a vegetarian diet the natural choice of people at the top of their game? Consumption of meat has been conclusively linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, some types of cancer, and obesity. Meat production is
also a leading cause of greenhouse-gas emissions, water pollution, and land degradation. And of course, the best way to fight the cruelty of factory farms and slaughterhouses is to kick the meat habit.
McCrank joins an ever-growing list of musicians and athletes—including TJ Schneider, Brian Fair from Shadows Fall, Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dydrek, Laban Pheidias, and Carey Hart—who have teamed up with peta2 and stepped in front of the camera to inspire kids to challenge outdated, cruel attitudes about animals.

For more information and a chance to win gear from Momentum, please visit peta2.com.