Ride Unleashes Fantastical DH 2.7 Snowboard

Ride Snowboards has let lose the DH 2.7 snowboard. The limited edition snowboard compiles three mythical characters only found in the most desolate areas of the world. In all seriousness, this snowboard is born from the Mythical Creature Collective, and contains graphics from the DH2 Limited Edition Artist Series. Read about the final board in the DH2 Artist Series, and the unique story behind these far-out creatures.

Seattle, WA (November 1, 2011) — Hide your kids and hide your wife, because today Ride Snowboards unlocked the cage of the seventh and final graphic of the DH2 Limited Edition Artist Series brought to you by the Mythical Creature Collective.
The DH2.7 is like nothing you've seen yet, as Ride pulled in the minds of three unique creatures, U. Nipeg, the Chizard, and Pan D. Puss, to concoct the rarest breed ever ridden. Hailing from the furthest reaches of the Himalayas, the three were banished to the Pacific Northwest by forces of evil, only to have one of their own turn upon them in a fit of madness. The Ride crew found them in their last hours and was able capture their fate bringing their final masterpiece to light. (Witness the moment of creation of the DH 2.7)
Designed for the ultimate freestyle slayers, the DH2.7 features Ride's team-favorite Hybrid Twin shape. A perfectly concocted weapon built for primo response, pop and landing stability, the unique twin shape utilizes micro-camber beneath the feet with a slight rise in the tip and tail for hook-free, responsive charging. Brewed with the best of Ride's technologies, the DH2.7 has Slimewalls® for smooth-riding durability, Pop Rods 2.0® for extra liveliness, and the lightweight fabric Membrain® top sheet.
The DH2.7 will round out Ride's limited collection of DH2 Artist Series, following past designs by Coop, Dethkills and Mike Aho, to name a few. Boards will land in select stores on November 1, though availability is limited and they won't last long! Find your local authorized retailer or shop online to get yours today.
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